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May 2021

Posted by Admin on May 05 2021
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Public Liaison Officers from RPS, Galway, Roscommon and Westmeath County Councils are now available on the ground to meet face to face, in line with current public health guidelines.


There are still 5 broad route corridors under consideration for the cycleway, from which a preferred corridor will be chosen. We would like to reassure landowners that we will not proceed to the next stage of the project, identification of a preferred corridor, until those involved have been widely consulted.


The Project Team is committed to engaging with landowners to inform the project and hope to be in touch soon with those within the Consultation Areas to organise a meeting, should they wish. Meetings with landowners will be to discuss any issues or concerns they have and explore where a route can be progressed through voluntary acquisition of land, such as along a farm boundary. Following this process, a preferred corridor will be selected, where the project team can then be confident a route can be delivered with the consent and agreement of a large majority of the landowners.


The Project Team want to maintain a strong level of communication throughout the project, so we would like to remind everyone that we can be contacted by calling 091 509267 or by emailing A short leaflet has been prepared to summarise our approach to the Landowner Engagement underway for the Cycleway.

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