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June 2022

Posted by Admin on Feb 10 2023
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Public Consultation No. 3 on the Galway to Athlone cycleway project closed on 28th of February 2022, after being extended by one month.

We received 360 responses, and a report summarising the feedback received is available here.

We have also met with a large number of landowners, both individually and in groups, and listened to their suggestions and concerns about the project.

We would like to thank everyone that took the time to engage with us, and we will stay in touch with interested parties throughout the development of the project.


We are now in the process of examining potential routes for the cycleway within the emerging preferred route corridor.

Our Project Liaison Officers are meeting with landowners and other interested stakeholders.

We expect this process to take many months, and are committed to continuing to work with farmers and landowners to identify a route that minimises any impacts on farming activities.

The ‘Code of Practice for the development of National and Regional Greenways’ will guide this process and is available here.

We will also be undertaking Environmental and Engineering surveys as necessary along the route corridor over the coming months.

Our Project Liaison Officers will be in contact with landowners in advance, if it is necessary for our team to visit private property.

We are also continuing to work with state bodies to complete the design of the route on publicly owned lands.

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